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Outdoor Furniture

We have a variety of outdoor furniture for sale year round. We have bistro sets, picnic tables, heavy duty wood furniture, park benches with the State of Texas Seal, outdoor firepits and much more! Come on by the store, have a cup of coffee and see what we have to offer. We look forward to helping you!



BBQ is a Texas tradition and Cypress Ace Hardware is your grilling headquarters!


We offer you all types and sizes of Weber and Treager Grills for cooking the world's best BBQ!


Weber Grills are the industry leader and have been for years with charcoal, natural gas, propane and even designer colored Weber Grills to choose from! Longhorns burnt orange color is a best seller! We are a service center for Weber Grills too!


Treager Grills are the latest and greatest in wood pellet grills! Not only can you grill meats on your Traeger, you can cook pizza, cookies or a whole turkey on it also!


We also sell John Henry Meats, sauces and seasonings. John Henry is a native Texan famous for his BBQ. He has even cooked his BBQ for President George Bush Sr. at the White House!


Don't forget your BBQ accessories! We have cooking utensils, jalepeno grills, beer butt chicken stands, grill covers, meat thermometers, cool aprons and even branding irons for your steaks!


Stop by and check out our huge selection of grills from tabletop size to the "Longhorn" grill complete with the horns, we have what your looking for and often have something cooking out on the grill on it to share and as always, we look forward to helping you!


Helpful Hint: Never use the same utensils/dishes you used to put raw meat on the grill, to cook or serve with. You are risking cross-contamination by doing so.


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